Sunday, April 26, 2015

Day 1629

Pehchaan Kaun-12
Look at this picture closely. He is one of us.  
Clue: He has a prominent scar (from an injury) near one ankle.
Now answer three simple questions to claim your prize – the glittering crystalware Pehchaan Kaun trophy:
* At what age was this photograph taken?
* What is his mother tongue?
* What size shoes does this gentleman wear?  
The closest all-correct entry will be declared winner.
In the (likely) event of a tie, the winner shall be decided by a toss of the coin or draw of lots.
You have 10 days to send in your entry. 
Good luck!
Aree Deewano , Mujhe Pehchaano, Kahan Se Aaya, Main Hoon Kaun?
Kiran Prakash:
This will again give tension to everybody and Pehchaan Kaun creator will silently enjoy the scene.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Trip Announced

Shekhawat announces next trip
Hari Singh Shekhawat today announced that the next trip from the Club would be to Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani on May 13 – 15, 2015. Coming a little over a month of the Gangtok-Darjeeling tour (March 28 to April 2), this three-day excursion would cover some of the more scenic peaks located about 300 kms away from Mumbai on the Western Ghats.
“We plan to take a group of 30,” informed Shekhawat. “A resort has been booked for two nights and three days and accommodation will be on a twin-sharing basis. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided every day during our stay. We shall be travelling in comfort to and fro by air-conditioned bus and the total cost should not exceed Rs6,000 per head – provided of course, we are able to muster 30 members required for the group.”
Given that similar tour packages in peak season are going for no less than Rs10,000 per head, Shekhawat’s deal is no doubt attractive.
President Srichand Arora convenes general body meeting
But what raised a few eyebrows was whether he will be able to mobilise 30 people so soon after Gangtok- Darjeeling. But Shekhawat is optimistic because, as he says, “this is the best season to visit Mahabaleshwar”. And within half an hour of making the announcement, he claimed to have obtained the consent of 12 jodis (pairs). He needs 15.
Earlier, the Club had its general body meeting, as scheduled, in the China Hut (ref post of April 23) and enjoined all members to (a) daily wear the Big Laaf cap, fresh stocks of which are being ordered; (b) observe all Wednesdays as ‘Green Day’ and Saturdays as ‘White Day’; (c) impose a ceiling of 50 on Club membership and maintain a ‘waiting list’ for newer members; and (d) meet next for the first AGM of Big Laaf on the last Saturday of May, i.e. May 30, 2015. All’s well that ends well.
Bihari Milwani:
Very few persons enjoy their work as does our Chairman of Picnics. I feel that if, at his age, he starts a career as event manager he will be successful. I am sure all 15 couples going to Mahabaleshwar will be very lucky and have a pleasant time.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Mr Forgetful

Srichand Arora
Something happened to Srichand Arora today.
He remembered to land in the Garden on time, but after that he was completely at sea. Blame it on advancing age or the terrible summer heat, he just could not get a grip on things.
He took charge in the middle only to skip one exercise after another, or repeat some time and again. Within seconds of doing a certain exercise, he wanted to do it again. And with no dearth of mischief makers around to misguide him, the outcome can well be imagined. Even Siba Prasad Maitra was eager to 'prompt' him and leave him utterly confused.
Now, this is nothing unusual. Memory lapses in the middle happen to the best of us – from Nahid Khan to Yusuf Rassiwala to Bose Babu to Razia Khan... But what defied explanation was Arora bringing Bijoy Gupta’s birthday present and completely forgetting about it.
He kept the table calendar, neatly gift-wrapped on a bench nearby and apparently went half-way home to fetch it. And then, were he not reminded about the calendar, Gupta would well have gone without it today.
The latter had proudly come with his wife, Pushpa and treated us to samosas, cake slices, potato wafers and hot tea and only then did we remember about the unattended calendar. Arora rushed out and did some damage control.
For the past few days, the man was arriving late because he had to drop his grandkids to school/ college early morning. Today, in being so punctual in the Garden, chances were he had left them in the lurch. We shall know tomorrow.
Pushpa gives Bijoy first bite of cake
Floral shower on 'birthday boy'
Bijoy Gupta receives calendar gift
Post Script: This post has been written in light vein. Please take it in the same spirit.
Bihari Milwani:
Why we say only Arora-ji had forgotten? In fact, we all were so anxious to have the eats that we forgot to remind Arora-ji to give the calendar. Well, at least Arora-ji remembered that today is Mr Gupta's birthday and he needs to give him the calendar. Cheers for Arora's good memory!
Harish Wadhwa:
Many, many happy returns of the day, Gupta-ji. Happy Birthday!
Srichand Arora:
Actually I was really out of mind this morning. Shayad bheje mein memory chip insert karna bhool gaya. Otherwise everyone knows what a sharp memory I have. HA HA HA!!!
Kiran Prakash:
The comments suggest that the post has been taken in the right spirit. Blog rocks! Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day, Gupta-ji.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Small Mercies

Jagmohan Papneja reads out the agenda for Saturday meeting
After three days of oppressive heat and humidity, we had a semblance of cloud cover this morning. Our prayers for relief from dripping perspiration and parched throats were answered by occasional gusts of cool breeze. Many said that it could be raining somewhere close-by. But April showers in Mumbai invariably lead to a sudden spike in temperature and humidity levels. Still, with the skies darkening, we were thankful to the weather gods for small mercies.
Soaking in the atmosphere
After the exercises, Jagmohan Papneja read out the agenda for a general body meeting this Saturday – April 25, 2015. It is being convened to arrive at a consensus and formalise the following issues:
One, the need to replenish our stock of Club caps which have become damaged/ faded due to wear and tear over the past two years. The colour, design, price, etc. for the new lot will have to be discussed and decided.
Two, whether we should continue with the colour code of dressing on specific days of the week. At present, we are wearing green on Wednesdays and white on Saturdays.
Three, the desirability of placing a ceiling on the membership of Big Laaf. We are a 47-strong Club now and in the interests of fostering unity, like-mindedness and better bonding, we might consider containing ourselves to a manageable number of 50. Beyond that, should anybody want to join, s/he will have to placed in a ‘waiting list’ – as is the practice in many premier clubs.
Four, a call will have to be taken on the date and venue of the First AGM of Big Laaf, due any time. But before that, we'll have to be prepared with the audited statements of accounts for 2014-15. Yawn… Go to sleep!
Harish Wadhwa:
It is Bijoy Gupta's birthday tomorrow. He may (or will) come to the Garden. Do give him that extra (fourth) round of loud-laugh tomorrow. And demand a celebration.
Kiran Prakash:
Are you now linking fourth laugh with celebration? Will it be for everybody now onward? We are having a meeting this Saturday. Please come and propose this point.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Summer Delight

Jagmohan Papneja
Summertime is holiday time. Schools are closed and children, fresh from classroom cramming and tests, tumble out in the open. So every year, at this time, the Garden turns into a beautiful fairy ground with colorful kids of all shapes and sizes, screaming and running around the place – a welcome relief from the dull monotony of glum-faced geriatrics and of course, the oppressive heat and humidity.
This summer is no different.
Kids having a ball in our midst
For the past few days we have been observing scores of tiny tots, many with their ‘handlers’, scampering about and playing funny games – often to the annoyance of Jagmohan Papneja. He does not like them doing aerial tennis, chucking missiles (or whatever game they might improvise) and being the custodian of the Garden, his writ runs large.
So it came as no surprise that in his absence today, a bunch of kids ventured into our space and kept us company through the exercises. Srichand Arora was particularly taken in by the little ‘guests’ and engaged them in a friendly snarling session during the laughter round.
Shekhawat weighs his options for the next picnic
Whether the kids were amused or we were to be more entertained by them is inconsequential. Any departure from the routine has to be delightful.
Separately, Shekhawat got cracking on another outstation trip – this time not-too-far, with a possible overnight stay. After consulting his regular travel companions, he has narrowed his options down to three predictable destinations:
(a) Alibaug
(b) Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani
(c) Matheran
Ideally, he would like to make the most of the extended week-end between May 1 and 3, but that seems unlikely. This is peak holiday season and most hotels at the three places (as well as in other popular picnic resorts) have been booked months in advance. He will have to settle for some other dates (even venue), possibly mid-week. An announcement is expected soon.
Lt Col Angad Singh (retd):
Grown-ups should feel happy and relaxed in the company of kids. Their innocence itself is sufficient to amuse us. Arora-ji is doing good at keeping these children engaged and enjoying.
Bihari Milwani:
Hum bhi agar bacche hote, naam hamara hota Babloo-Dabloo, aur khane ko milte laddoo...