Tuesday, March 28, 2017

We’re Back!

Patting our own bums... for showing up
Yes, we are back – but not to anything normal. In the time we went on the blink, temperatures in the city have shot to such murderous levels that attendance in the Garden dropped drastically. It feels like peak summer now with the mercury hovering in the region of 40 degrees Celsius. As per news reports today, the temperature has risen by three degrees in the past 24 hours!
Compounding this distressful state, there have been two major tragedies: One, Mumtaz Jahan has lost her mother after prolonged hospitalization. Age-related issues are being cited as the cause of death. Two, Niloufer Rassiwala’s father has also passed away during this period. She and her husband, Yusuf R were on vacation in Dubai where news of the untimely demise reached them and they had to cut short their trip promptly. Our condolences go to the bereaved families.
On the positive side, we are happy to note that Kanta Sharma has been discharged from hospital (ref post of March 14) and is at present, recuperating at home.
Mumtaz Jahan
The Rassiwalas (file photo)
Karun Sharma, who had gone missing since February 4, has returned to the Garden and is now regular for the exercises. Nahid Khan too was absconding for long, but is showing up for the past couple of days. Likewise, we have Rukhsana Khan who disappeared to the Andaman & Nicobar Islands of all the places and is back today after a holiday. Bose Babu had ventured out solo to explore the badlands of U.P. and has returned, none the wiser for it. But yes, he has been handsomely rewarded with a severe bout of food poisoning for his exceptional act of foolhardy.
Thus, it was more a reunion of sorts at the Garden this morning, the muggy weather notwithstanding. Attendance hit a healthy 20-plus during the exercises, though there were still a few familiar faces missing – Bijoy Gupta, Shanti Singh, Angad Singh, Siba Prasad Maitra, Bihari Milwani… Hopefully, we would be seeing them soon.
Kiran Prakash:
Welcome back, Bose Babu.
Geeta Latte:
Happiness is not having what you want. It is appreciating what you have.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

DAY 2196

Pic of the Week
EXERCISES INTERRUPTED: But what exercise is this?
Kis Kis ko pyar karoon, Kaise pyar karoon, Tu bhi hai, Yeh bhi hai, Aur wo bhi hai --Bihari Milwani

This exercise sharpens 'deep visual capability' and is practiced by ace shooters and archers. The exercise is also known as Drowning in the Other's Eye. In Hindi there are many popular songs based on this exercise. One of them is 'Nazar ke saamne, zigar ke paas'. Hope this answers Blog Monster's query..--Kiran Prakash

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Missing from Action

Life goes on in the Garden... relentlessly like this train
Amid all the fun and games in yesterday’s Holi celebration, there was one dampener: A number of members, very dear to us, were not to be seen. Their absence was felt all the more because they have invariably been the first to
Razia (l) returns from a trip to Canada and the U.S.
show up at the Garden whenever there is anything special on in the Club. The worst part was that they had stopped coming even earlier.
Nahid Khan was one. She is arguably the most regular among us for the exercises, but she had chosen this period to leave Mumbai to see her daughter. Karun Sharma was another. For the time he was around, few could match him on punctuality and attendance. He gave us a long talk on happiness and went off to Delhi, leaving us to our devices. That was a month ago.
Then there is Kanta Sharma. We heard she was admitted to Belle Vue in a critical state
Mallika Kagzi
early this month (ref post of March 4) and later, she was shifted to Criticare, Juhu. Now we are told she has been moved out again and admitted to the Sir H.N.Reliance Foundation Hospital in Charni Road. Tragedy is doctors are still clueless on diagnosing her. Her condition remains serious.
But the one we are missing the most is Mallika Kagzi, our president. Never to skip a single occasion in the Club, she has always been full of heart and to us, the very soul of every event, be it the Republic Day or Independence Day, a festival or anyone’s birthday. Yesterday’s Holi celebration felt incomplete for all members without her presence. Last heard, she was in Surat.
In all this, Razia Khan’s appearance today in the Garden came as a welcome beam of sunlight. She too had been away for long, to Canada and the U.S. and this morning she had brought us chocolates and crackers to mark her return. But the bigger news is that her grandson, Zaiyan Khan has been selected out of 3,000,000 contestants for the national ‘hackathon’ on April 1 – a collaborative computer programming event during which he will have to fry his brains with 40,000 other nerds for 36 long hours. We wish him the very best.
Lt Col Angad Singh (retd):
We missed a number of our colleagues on Holi Divas. The absentees must also have missed the joyous and spontaneous happiness on faces of every one. We wish Kanta Sharma a speedy recovery from her illness. The arrival of Razia was welcomed by everyone. Hope she will now join us in our daily activities. We all eagerly await our president from Surat.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Holi 2017

Hari Singh Shekhawat realised rather late in the morning that today happened to be his 57th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY also. Typical of him. But he sponsored the HOLI programme for the Club. Many thanks and our best wishes to the Shekhawat couple.

Dilip BabaniHappy wedding anniversary, Mr and Mrs Shekhawat. May God bless this lovely couple. And Happy Holi to all Big Laaf family members. By the way, very nice Holi photos. Thank you, Blog Monster.